“Amouage is an international, luxury fragrance brand"

“We are an international, luxury fragrance brand, with credible, long lasting and innovative fragrances that pay tribute to the art of fine perfume making. We have passion and we have a voice. Our fragrances sing and tell a different story with creative integrity.” – David Crickmore, CEO

Evocative narrations of human endeavors, Amouage fragrances have reflected the wonderful heritage and tradition of perfumery for the last 30 years. The international luxury fragrance company is devoted to creating finely blended perfumes with the highest quality of rare and luxurious ingredients sourced from around the world, bringing artistry to perfumery with incomparable distinction.

Lead by CEO, David Crickmore, Amouage adopts an inventive approach to all its creations. Since 2006, Crickmore along with Creative Director, Christopher Chong, have together reinvented the brand to make it more current and globally appealing. Amouage is now a truly international and ‘total’ luxury brand with undeniable creative integrity and a growing standalone retail presence around the world. .

At the heart of all Amouage creations is a signature accord that cultivates the ultimate luxury of being unique and distinctive.

Adopting an artistic approach to create an original and evocatively fragrant experience, Amouage perfumes are created by internationally recognized perfumers in Grasse in the South of France under the guidance of Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong.

Amouage perfumes are created by world-recognised perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Geneva and New York. They bring their long and masterful experience in perfumery to each creation and have an intimate understanding of how to interpret Chong’s inspirational directions and representing the House’s philosophy of creating its own trend..

Amouage’s fine fragrance portfolio comprises of Gold, Dia, Ciel, Reflection, Silver, Ubar, Jubilation, Lyric, Epic, Memoir, Honour, Interlude, Beloved, Fate, Journey, Myths and Figment. The happy "Midnight Flower" Collection has 3 fragrances: Sunshine, Bracken and Beach Hut. The very feminine "Secret Garden" Collection has 2 beautiful fragrances: Lilac Love and Blossom Love. Amouage has also introduced a new stratum of craftship in its Library Collection with ten Opus fragrances.

Amouage has now extended its product categories to include a Bath and Body Collection comprised of complementary soaps, hand creams, shower gels, body creams and body lotions, in addition to a Home Collection of candles and parfums d’ambience, a range of Travel Accessories and exclusive Leather Goods hand crafted in Italy, featuring the finest top-grade leather and exotic skins.