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  • 17 Jul 2017


    Introducing a new brand La Manufacture Parfums! 

    La Manufacture Parfums is a workshop without borders for artisan-artists while taking inspiration from art, emotions and personal experience. What gives La Manufacture Parfums ‘s fragrances their elegance and depth is the poetry of the past and the meticulous moments spent
    concentrating on the raw materials.

    The ingredients for the fragrances in the Colognes Essentielles collection are selected with the utmost of care. Measured out precisely and with emotion by exacting master perfumers with a passion for quality, they are to produce perfume concentrates in Grasse, the cradle of french perfume-making.

    The Essential Colognes are: Cologne Rare, Cologne Noble, Cologne Précieuse, Cologne Impatiente and Cologne Cashmere.